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Creating and mounting ISO images in Solaris

Aug 7th 2008
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An ISO image is an archive, or disk image, of an optical compact disc (CD) using a conventional ISO (International Organization for Standardization) format, supported by many software vendors. The name “ISO” is derived from the ISO 9660 file system used with CD-ROM media but the term ISO image is commonly used to refer to any optical disc image, even a UDF image of a DVD-ROM.

Create an ISO image of a given directory:
# mkisofs -l -L -r -o [image-name].iso [directory]

Create an ISO image of a mounted CD-ROM: (we’ll assume the CD is mounted to /mnt)
# touch myimage.iso
# cat /mnt > myimage.iso

Mount an ISO image:
# mount -F hsfs -o ro `lofiadm -a /export/temp/software.iso` /mnt

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