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Emulex Fibre Channel HBA Utility

Aug 7th 2008
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The Emulex utility is executed using: /opt/EMLXemlxu/bin/emlxadm

Once executed, the Emulex utility will present a list of HBAs to select from. Select the HBA you wish to work with from the list presented.

The utility will then present you with the “emlxadm>” prompt. Some commonly used arguments are as below.

  • Check firmware revision:
    emlxadm> get_fw_rev
  • Check FCode revision:
    emlxadm> get_fcode_rev
  • Check boot revision:
    emlxadm> get_boot_rev
  • List host parameters:
    emlxadm> get_host_params
  • List number of targets:
    emlxadm> get_num_devs
  • List the FC fabric namespace:
    emlxadm> ns

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