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Solaris 10 SMF Services

Aug 7th 2008
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SMF service states

  • online
    The service instance is enabled and has successfully started.
  • offline
    The service instance is enabled, but the service is not yet running or available to run.
  • disabled
    The service instance is not enabled and is not running.
  • legacy_run
    The legacy service is not managed by SMF, but the service can be observed. This state is only used by legacy services.
  • uninitialized
    This state is the initial state for all services before their configuration has been read.
  • maintenance
    The service instance has encountered an error that must be resolved by the administrator.
  • degraded
    The service instance is enabled, but is running at a limited capacity.

Service Configuration Repository
Loction: /etc/svc/repository.db
This file can only be manipulated using the SMF interface utilities svccfg and svcprop.

Repair a corrupt Service Configuration Repository by booting the system to single-user, then:
# /lib/svc/bin/restore_repository

List service states:
# svcs -a

Display failed services:
# svcs -x

Service in maintenance mode, how to start:

  • First diagnose the issue causing the service to fail:
    # tail /var/svc/log/service-name (service-name being the service!)
  • Attend to and fix the issue.
  • Attempt to restart the service by clearing maintenance mode. This will force Solaris to attempt to start the service.
    # svcadm clear service-name
  • Check output given, logs again and svcs -x output!

Boot a specific SMF milestone
ok> boot -m milestone=single-user

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